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schneider is a tax laughable. >> freshman republican congressman robert dold is a self-proclaimed moderate. schneider says his record does not reflect a moderate ideology. >> i think the 10th district is looking for a social moderate strong on national security. >> these are the votes that have a real impact on the everyday lives of people in the district. >> it is a close race. most polls suggest that is either candidate's race to win or lose. >> for the first time in its history the stock market was closed for two days in a row due to hurricane sandy. the jobs report could be delayed due to the massive storm. this is the last market reading before the elections of politicians on both sides are eagerly awaiting the numbers. the bureau of labor statistics is working to get it on time. the department is not sure it can make the deadline. >> we are celebrating bulls day here it wgn. the chef from the united center's ketel one club is here for his recipe i was once used for small jobs. and i took on all the bigger tougher ones. but with mr. clean's new select-a-size magic eraser he c
. there are lines that are always long. if the state is also weighingwaving taxes. the government reminding the public that in times like these of fraud stirs our route. hotels in new york city not affected by the power outages. city residents looking for hot shower and a warm meal. there's a new wave of hotel dollars pouring into the city. stocks are slightly lower today. still to come expert tips for saving money at the gas pump. and just ahead. a new report about how you can avoid a cold and flu this fall and winter. live music this midday from milo greene. he's on stage tonighat at lincoln hall! @p@p8a [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] you start your day... love you, too. ...thinking about what's important to you -- your family... ...the mortgage... the kids' college tuition. [ cellphone ringing ] but life insurance? [ horn honking ] life is unpredictable. that's why at fidelity life we want you to think about term life insurance -- taking care of your family's future expenses if something happens to you. it's easy. we get to know you a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2